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Hendrick Manufacturing offers a wide range of panel processing solutions including: the CM3, CH, HC and NP4 Horizontal Panel Saw Series; the Pro-V and HP3 Vertical Beam Saws Series; and the Cross-X Cross-Cut Saw Series. Hendrick Panel Saws allow you to load, position, and cut your materials faster and more precisely. Hendrick Panel Saws offer superior hardware and software that can keep your production line operational 24/7. Increase production time with our powerful main blade motors ranging from 15HP to 50HP configurations.Enjoy easy material loading with air floatation tables and material grippers and chip free cutting is provided by a separate scoring saw. In addition, friendly operator interfaces provide easy-to-use controls and allow for fully automated cutting.

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Put Hendrick To Work For You Today!

Why Hendrick?

For 65 years, Hendrick has been a leading innovator in panel sheet processing and machining solutions. Headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts, Hendrick Manufacturing serves industries such as plastic, wood, sign, non-ferrous metal, composite, marine, corrugated, manufactured housing and aerospace both nationally and internationally. Hendrick products include Cross-Cut Saws, Vertical Beam Saws, Horizontal Panel Saws and CNC Routers. Hendrick products are known for their unmatched quality and reliability.

VSA ACM Duo Series Vertical Panel Saw

VSA ACM Duo Series

Cutting to grooving in seconds. Cut man-hours, too.

HP3 Series Vertical Beam Saw

HP3 Series

The only fully-computerized vertical beam saw.

PRO-V Series Vertical Beam Saw

PRO-V Series

Save floor space and production time with this unique vertical beam saw.

CM3 Series Horizontal Panel Saw

CM3 Series

24/7 productivity, for any size operation with full 3 inch depth of cut.

About us at Hendrick Manufacturing, we have the highest quality service for your saws and routers

CH Series

Modern manufacturing with versatile controls with the option of 4 or 6 inch depth of cut.

HC Series Horiztonal Panel Saw

HC Series

Computer precision with power and control with 4 or 6 inch depth of cut.

NP4 Series Horiztonal Panel Saw

NP4 Series

Maximize precision with this top of the line panel saw.

Cross-X Series Cross-Cut Saw

Cross-X Series

Heavy-duty. Flexible loading. Automatic cutting with this cross-cut saw.