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Heavy-Duty Machinery Built for Power and Precision

The HHD-R Series 3-axis CNC router provides superior control, versatility, and durability. This industrial CNC router is exclusively designed to deliver 24/7 uptime. The HHD-R can accurately position and cut at high speeds, leaving an exceptional finish. Choose between a moving gantry or moving table design to best suit your workspace and production needs. The HHD-R easily accommodates the needs of even the most demanding productions, handling everything from solid wood furniture to carbon mixed compounds. Regardless of the model you choose, the HHD-R Series 3-axis CNC router will never fail to impress. Contact our skilled team today to learn more.


Multi Zone Vacuum Table

Pop-Up Location Pins

Becker Vacuum Pump

HSD HSK63-F High Frequency Spindle

Automatic Rotary Tool Changer(s)

OSAI Open CNC Controller

Automatic Tool Length Measurement

HSD ISO30 High Frequency Spindle(s)

Spray Mist Coolant

Two Spindle Configuration with Two 8 Station Automatic Tool Changers

Independent Head Spacing by Program

Multi Boring Unit with 9 Vertical, 6 Horizontal Independently Programmable Boring Spindles on 32mm centers & 1 Saw Head

Multi Boring Unit with 14 Vertical, 6 Horizontal Independently Programmable Boring Spindles on 32mm centers & Two Saw Heads

Custom Table Sizes and Configurations Available
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Any Job at Full Speed

Achieve exact positioning material with automatic adjustable pop-up stops.

Eliminate depth cutting errors. All your operator has to do is insert the cutting tool into the tool holder, and the machine identifies the tool depth (Z) and enters the value into its library.

Computer Router

    • OSAI Open Industrial Windows PC controller with full color LCD display, large capacity program hard drive, and LAN-ready Ethernet interface.
    • International standard machine code language (G&M), integrates with all industry standard CAD/CAM programming software packages, built-in diagnostics, tool path graphics and more.
    • Manual Pulse Generator (MPG) allowing manual axis movements for fine adjustments.

Computer Router

MPG allows manual axis movements for fine adjustments.

Computer Router


  • Grooving Blades & Tooling

    Grooving Blades & Tooling

    Turnkey tooling package included as standard — All required depth control wheels, grooving profiles and main setup blade.

  • Angular Cutting Devices

    Angular Cutting Devices

    Two 0-50 degree angular cutting devices for left and right angles.

  • Rip Cut Position

    Rip Cut Position

    With one lever, the head quickly changes from vertical cross cutting to full length rip cutting mode.



  • Precision Ground Helical Rack and Pinion Drive
  • Precision Ball Screw

    • 8’ x 4’ (2500mm x 1230mm)
      10’ x 5’ (3100mm x 1560mm)
      12’ x 6.5’ (4020mm x 2050mm)
  • 13″ (330mm)

    • 2,400″ per min (60m/min)
  • Up to 800″ per min (20m/min)