CNC Router Systems

Hendrick provides a range of industrial CNC router machines, including 3-axis and 5-axis machinery. Our computer-controlled CNC router systems are designed to precisely cut a variety of materials, including corrugated materials, aluminum, plastic, wood, and more. Our industrial CNC router systems administer lightning fast cuts and 3D curved machining with the press of a button. These world-class machines are designed to optimize efficiency and productivity in an array of industries, from signage, to automotive, to furniture construction. Contact us today to learn more.


HHD-R Series 3 Axis CNC Router - Hendrick CNC Routers

HHD Series

Powerful 3 Axis CNC Router offering 24/7 uptime with up to 16 tools. Cut and position corrugated, aluminum, plastic and wood at high speeds with accuracy you can count on.

HSR-R Series 3 Axis CNC Router - Hendrick CNC Routers

HSR Series

Maximize power, increase productivity. For those looking for a high-speed CNC router that just won’t quit, the HSR Series is an easy choice. Tough and built to last, the HSR routes wood, plastic, aluminum and corrugated like no other machine.

HLD-C Series 3 Axis CNC Router - Hendrick CNC Routers

HLD Series

Entry-level price, top of the line machining. Whether you’re cutting corrugated, aluminum, plastic or wood, this machine can do it all at a price that fits anyone’s budget. Find out why sign makers and furniture manufacturers choose the HLD CNC router machine.


HSR-V Series 5 Axis CNC Router - Hendrick CNC Routers

HSR-V Series

Auto and marine part manufacturers require a reliable CNC router to handle high-speed cuts and 3D curved machining. The HSR-V Series meets and exceeds the toughest and most punishing tasks on the production floor and routes aluminum, wood, plastic and corrugated with ease.

HHD-V Series 5 Axis CNC Router - Hendrick CNC Routers

HHD-V Series

The HHD-V Series is our top of the line 5 Axis CNC routing machine. 24/7/365, the HHD-V series delivers speed, accuracy and versatility. If you cut high volumes of wood, plastic, aluminum and corrugated, no other machine router comes close.