24/7 Panel Saw Productivity, For Any Size Operation

Increase operational efficiency with a compact and powerful horizontal beam saw with a 4” cut depth. Load, position, cut, and unload faster than ever before thanks to its ease-of-use and simple automation features.

Cuts are quickly and easily made with the push of a button. The cutting speed is simply adjusted in real time with the turn of a dial on the machine control panel. Operators can ergonomically load and unload materials with optional air floatation on the in-feed and out-feed tables. Materials stay in place for precise cuts thanks to a pneumatic pressure bar holding down stacked panels across the whole kerf line, and a heavy machined squaring fence and adjustable position stops.

Plus, those little problems that add up to countless waste are automated in the CM4 Series. Eliminate chipping in your cuts with the scoring blade, and improve dust collection with the full-length pneumatic pressure beam. This beam saw’s laser sensor automatically limits saw carriage travel to just the length of the material being cut. The CM4 cuts into wood, plastic and corrugated with exceptional precision and accuracy even under the most extreme production conditions. 

If you’re looking to speed up your manual operations, the CM4 Series has everything you need.  



Standard Lengths of Cut: 5′, 8′, 10′ & 12’

15 HP Main Blade Motor

Variable Saw Carriage Speed

Separate Scoring Blade for Chip Free Cutting

Fully Automatic Cutting with Easy-To-Use Control Panel

Solid Surface Allows for Cutting of Small Parts


Spray Mist Blade Coolant

18 HP Main Blade Motor

Adjustable Pneumatic Pop Up Material Indexing Stops

Custom In-Feed / Out-Feed Table Sizes

Air Floatation In-Feed / Out-Feed Tables

Third Party Programmable Automated Material Indexing Stop Systems

Less Work, Smoother Production

Make material loading and unloading easier with optional air floatation table tops.

panel saw

The saw comes stock with a powerful 15HP blade motor, or an 18HP option.

panel saw

Speed up unit production with a separate scoring saw blade which provides chip-free cutting.

panel saw

Ensure straight line cut accuracy of +/- 0.005″ over the entire length of cut, thanks to the heavy-duty precision machined guide way system.

panel saw




  • 5′, 8′, 10′ & 12’
  • 5′, 8′, 10′ & 12’
  • 4”

    • 1050”/min Variable by AC Inverter – High Speed Return
  • 15 HP – Optional 18 HP
  • Main Blade:  4800 rpm Scoring Blade:  6500 rpm

    • 3 HP
  • 14″ Diameter x 1″ Bore
  • Machined steel / phenolic
  • horizontal saw

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