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If your production line processes the most heavy-duty material, and needs it done fast with computerized precision, the NP5 AL Series is the saw you need. Increase precision with pneumatic material grippers for automatically securing your material, a split hold-down beam, and dual fully automatic side aligners. Air flotation tables allow easy material handling during loading and unloading, and an optional rear-lift table can automatically load material stacks. Ensure accuracy with rack and pinion indexing between cuts, AC closed loop servo and digital magnetic scale read back. Reduce errors and speed up troubleshooting with an industrial PC controller with on-board optimization and diagnostics software. The bottom line: the NP5 AL Series will meet or exceed your most demanding production requirements every time.


Standard Lengths of Cut: 5′, 8′, 10′ & 12’

25HP Main Blade Motor

Variable Saw Carriage Speed with High Speed Return

Separate Scoring Blade for Chip Free Cutting

Encoded Saw Carriage Traverse Optimize Cutting Cycle

Slotted Hold Down Beams Speed Last Cut Cycle

Fully Automatic and Encoded Dual Side Aligners Insure Material Squareness

Air Floatation Tables

Spray Mist Blade Coolant

Quick Change Saw Blade Arbor

Auto Saw Blade Height Adjustment

PC Machine Controller with On Board Optimization Software

Rear Lift Table to Automatically Load Material Stacks

Custom Table Configurations

Variable Speed Saw Blade RPM via AC Inverter
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Load heavy plate, panel, or sheet stock easily onto the heavy-duty welded table frames – roller wheels or ball transfers cover the entire back table.

Panel Saw

Automatically load heavy material and stacked sheets onto the solid phenolic rear table for processing. Achieve faster cycling speeds with grippers holding the material for cutting and indexing. Solid pusher plates between the grippers allow cross and parallel cutting of narrow strips. Maximize accurate positioning and cutting with a closed loop AC servo system featuring precision ground rack and pinion, AC servo resolver, and a magnetic scale.

Hendrick Manufacturing Panel Saw

Maintain control with quick adjustment of individual devices like material grippers, pressure beams, and material side aligners, all from simple front-mounted pressure regulators.

Hendrick Manufacturing Panel Saw

Ensure perfectly square cuts and minimize stroke and cycle times with an encoder that automatically positions the dual side aligners to the width of the material being cut before it’s activated. Each side aligner works independently to apply pressure to hold your material against the squaring fences on both the front and back side of the saw blade as the pusher approaches the cut line.

Computerized Panel Saw

    • IPC controller running Windows 7 with a LAN interface, CD ROM, solid state hard drive storage (SSD) and high speed USB-II ports.
    • 19” full color flat screen with animated cut pattern graphics.
    • On-board Material Optimization Software to optimize material waste. Provides plan-to-execution from optimization mode.
    • On-board diagnostics show the status of all machine I/O devices to minimize downtime. Diagnostics also provide “how to” solutions that point to problems and provide corrective actions.
    • Ammeter on front panel to monitor saw blade load. On screen diagnostics on the controller for easy troubleshooting.
    • On screen diagnostics on the controller for easy troubleshooting.

Computerized Panel Saw