3-Axis CNC Router Machine

Increase precision and elevate your performance quality with Hendrick’s 3-axis CNC routers. These powerful and efficient machines are designed to handle even the most demanding production requirements. Made with world-class mechanical and electrical components as well as innovative technologies, these CNC routers reliably provide precise cuts and a perfect finish. Our 3-axis CNC router tables are highly adaptable and versatile, and they can easily be supplied with dual heads.

Certain machines feature a compact design, which allows you to get the most out of your floor space. Choose from a variety of styles, including stationary, moving gantry, or moving table designs. These heavy-duty machines are available in a range of standard and custom table sizes to suit your space and production needs. Each 3-axis CNC router provides around-the-clock uptime to improve efficiency and reduce man hours. Whether it’s for solid wood products such as furniture and cabinetry, or for manufacturing windows, insulation panels, plastic products, PVC, artificial stone, or even glass, our 3-axis CNC routers will never disappoint.

Our customer service agents and technical support team are available seven days a week to assist you. Our team of trained professionals can assist you through operator training, technical direction, and on-site support. Contact us today to learn more.

HLD-C Series 3 Axis CNC Router - Hendrick CNC Routers

HLD Series

HSR-R Series 3 Axis CNC Router - Hendrick CNC Routers

HSR Series

HHD-R Series 3 Axis CNC Router - Hendrick CNC Routers

HHD Series