Cutting to grooving in seconds. Cuts man-hours, too.

Cut down production time and man-hours with the only 2-in-1 vertical panel saw that can both cut and groove your metal composite material. Change the blade mode with the flip of a switch allowing for one-man operation while maintaining precision depth control for ACM panel bending. It can also switch from vertical cross-cut to horizontal rip-cut with the pull of a lever. There’s no need for set up, fixturing, nor continuously fly-cutting spoilboards. Plus, with circular grooving blades that are 5X faster and more accurate than CNC routers, you can free up your router for specialized shape cutting. The Hendrick VSA ACM Duo can cut your aluminum composite material, and most importantly, the cost of doing business.


5HP TEFC Main Blade Motor

1.5″ Maximum Depth of Cut with Main Saw Blade

One-Piece, Free-Standing, Fully Welded Tubular Steel Machine Frame

Fully Integrated Dust Collection Assist System

Precision Steel Wheel Bottom Material Supports

Center Material Support Shelf with Small Part Support Allows Operator to Stand Erect While Cutting Smaller Parts

Two 0-50 Degree Angular Cutting Devices for Left and Right Angles

Fully Adjustable Digital Readout Vertical & Horizontal Measurement Systems in Both Inch & Metric

Rugged and Easy to Adjust Material Stops

Easy Rotate Quick Change Saw Head for Vertical & Horizontal Cutting

One Set Panel Positioning Allows Panel to Lie at Rest for Both Cross & Rip Cutting

Floating Head Material Hold-Down Securely Holds Panel on Both Sides of Saw Blades While Enhancing Dust Collection and Safety

Meet the 2-in-1 Advantage

Free up floor space while saving time and money with this hybrid machine. Change from cutting to grooving with the flip of a switch. Your ACM panel remains stationary during both, maximizing accuracy while minimizing production time and material handling. You don’t even need to use a CNC or hand router.

vertical panel saw and groover

Save time with one-man dual operation, using circular grooving blades which are more than 5X faster than CNC routing. Save even more man-hours with the Duo’s powerful built-in dust extraction, and eliminate potential scratching on ACM panels’ finish.

vertical panel saw and groover

The Hendrick VSA ACM Duo isn’t just fast – it’s incredibly accurate at those speeds. Maintain precise depth-control and consistent groove quality, eliminating the need to constantly fly-cut your CNC router spoilboards. The VSA Duo’s blade options cover angle possibilities from sharp corners to 50°. Now your CNC router is free for cutting the developed shapes it was originally designed for.

vertical panel saw and groover

Stay on the cutting edge without being locked into upsells. The VSA Duo is delivered out of the box with features that are only available as “custom” from competing machines. Get digital positioning readouts in inch and metric. Enjoy smooth transverse motion thanks to a counter-balanced head and precision bearings. Switch from vertical cross-cutting and grooving to horizontal rip-cutting and grooving with a single lever. Save your operators strain with a fold-out mid-level shelf for small part fabrication while standing erect.

Not only does the VSA Duo cost less while performing the function of multiple machines, it also reduces man-hours while increasing productivity.

vertical panel saw and groover


  • Grooving Blades & Tooling

    Grooving Blades & Tooling

    Turnkey tooling package included as standard — All required depth control wheels, grooving profiles and main setup blade.

  • Angular Cutting Devices

    Angular Cutting Devices

    Two 0-50 degree angular cutting devices for left and right angles.

  • Rip Cut Position

    Rip Cut Position

    With one lever, the head quickly changes from vertical cross cutting to full length rip cutting mode.



  • VSA 15.25   4′ x 8′
  • VSA 17.50   5.7′ x 16′
  • VSA 20.40 6′ x 12′
  • VSA 20.50 6′ x 16′
  • Custom Sizes Available


  • 1.5″
  • 5 HP Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled
  • 208/230/460 Volt – 3 Phase – 60 Hz
  • 9.05″
  • 7.87″

    • 5800 RPM
  • 5800 RPM
  • Automatic Shifting
  • Precision Steel Roller Wheels
  • One-Piece, Free-Standing, Welded Tubular Steel
  • VSA ACM Duo, vertical panel saw and groover

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