Hendrick Industrial Saws

Optimize your production processes with one of Hendrick’s powerful industrial saws. Choose from horizontal beam saws, vertical saws, and cross-cut saws. Hendrick saws are manufactured using advanced technologies and ultra-durable materials to ensure consistency, longevity, and reliability. Our industrial saws cut through a variety of materials, from corrugate, to wood, plastic, composites, non-ferrous metals, and more. Whether you need a Hendrick saw for a furniture business or a sign manufacturing company, you’ll find the best saw for your operations here. Contact us today to learn more.


CM4 Series Horizontal Panel Saw

CM4 Series

Manual production just got easier and more accurate with the CM4 series horizontal beam / panel saw. Save time and increase profits when you cut corrugated, wood or plastic. 24/7 productivity is now in reach for any size operation complete with a full 4 inch depth of cut.

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CH Series

Great value with no compromises. This was our vision with the CH series beam / panel saw. Modern manufacturing with versatile controls makes corrugated, wood and plastic material handling more precise with the option of 4 or 6 inch depth of cut. Find out why manufacturing facilities around the world choose Hendrick.

HC Series Horiztonal Panel Saw

HC Series

If you’re looking for versatility, the HC Series horizontal panel saw gives your production team CNC precision, power and control with 4 or 6 inch depth of cuts. Increase productivity and maximize profits with the HC Series saws, and watch how easily it cuts through wood, plastic and corrugated.

NP4 Series Horiztonal Panel Saw

NP4 Series

Looking for a truly superior high precision horizontal beam / panel saw that will never quit? Plastics, woodworking, non-ferrous metals, composites, and display production are processed with speed, accuracy and a full range of features on the NP4.


PRO-V Series Vertical Beam Saw

PRO-V Series

Save floor space and production time with this unique vertical beam / panel saw. With three cutting modes and standard lengths of cut ranging from 5’, 8’ and 10’, the PRO-V vertical beam / panel saw offers a small footprint without compromising quick material handling, accuracy and full automation.

HP3 Series Vertical Beam Saw

HP3 Series

The only fully-computerized vertical beam / panel saw for corrugated, plastic, wood and more. With its ability to automatically position materials and automated cutting, this machine is the perfect blend of ergonomics and versatility.

VSA ACM Duo Series Vertical Panel Saw

VSA ACM Duo Series

Great attention to detail was taken when the VSA panel saw was designed. We pulled out all the stops to ensure faster ACM panel processing and precise grooving in seconds. If you’re looking for versatility, this 2-in-1 vertical panel saw makes cutting and grooving aluminum composite material precise, easy, and fast.


Cross-X Series Cross-Cut Saw

Cross-X Series

Looking for a heavy-duty machine with flexible loading and automated cutting for woodwork production? The Hendrick Cross-X provides you with cutting edge technology you need to get the job done with precision every time. Cut with ease and accuracy on this fully computerized cross-cut saw. See why furniture and cabinet maker manufacturers prefer our machines on their floor over the rest.