Horizontal Panel Saws

Hendrick horizontal beam saws are manufactured to minimize errors while maximizing accuracy and power. Their convenient design allows you to load, position, cut, and unload materials effortlessly. Pneumatic pressure beams keep loaded materials in place to ensure precise cuts while optimizing dust collection. These fully-automatic machines are guaranteed to increase productivity and precision within your production line.

Regardless of your industry, you’ll find that Hendrick’s horizontal beam saws are the way to go. Our saws are perfect for a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, corrugated, and more. From cabinetry and furniture to sheet metal and aerospace components, there’s a Henrick horizontal saw for every application. These machines continuously provide computerized precision and can handle heavy-duty production loads even under extreme conditions.


HM3 Series Horizontal Beam Saw

HM3 Series

The HM3 Horizontal Panel Saw is a powerful machine ideal for businesses looking for an alternative to expensive sliding table saws.  If you’re looking to increase speed and efficiency within your production line, the HM3 Horizontal Panel Saw is the machine your business needs.

CM4 Series Horizontal Beam Saw

CM4 Series

With its ease-of-use and hassle-free automation, you can load, position, cut, and unload faster than ever before.

HK5 Series Horizontal Beam Saw

HK5 PL Series

Maximize power, speed, and safety in your plastic fabrication processes with the all new HK5 PL Series Horizontal Panel Saw.

HK5 Series Horizontal Beam Saw

HK5 W Series

Experience the difference of a standard 5” depth of cut, powerful 25 HP main blade motor, and independent 2 HP scoring system.

HK5 RL Series Horizontal Beam Saw

HK5 RL Series

The HK5 RL Horizontal Beam Saw offers high output machining at an exceptional value. If you are looking for an affordable machine that can meet the demands of your production line, the HK5 RL Horizontal Panel Saw is the precise and efficient solution for your business.

HC6 Series Horizontal Beam Saw

HC6 Series

Heavy-duty production requires top-of-the-line equipment – maximize your power while minimizing errors with the HC6 series panel and beam saw.