The Hendrick TC-X cross-cut saw incorporates the precise tolerances of a horizontal panel saw with the space saving characteristics of a standard cut-off saw. This saw allows the your machine operator to take longer rip cuts from the horizontal panel saw and send the “rips” to a cross-cut saw; substantially increasing production without sacrificing the scoring or tolerances they are accustomed to. Originally custom-built for California Closets, the TC-X is now a proud part of our product line. Scroll down to learn more about the TC-X.


Built to order, the TC-X is custom configured to meet your production requirements. Owning a TC-X means owning a truly one-of-a-kind machine that can handle almost any task.


The TC-X automatically loads, grips, cuts, and off-loads your materials for you, dramatically increasing production efficiency. Fully computerized models ensure precision across the board, and it offers enough flexibility to allow side, front, and rear loading of materials.


Manage your programmable computerized material indexing with an operator-friendly controller. Configured with a swivel, you can conveniently operate it from either side.


With a fully automatic cut width, accuracy is ensured every time. Choose from the TC-X40 with 40” cut width or the TC-X60 with 60” cut width. With two separate blades for cutting and scoring, chip free cutting is easier than ever before.

“We are delighted with our new saw – it’s speed and performance has been an asset to our organization.  We have seen an increase in production with the implementation of the Hendrick saw into our process. The service has also been great; the Hendrick team have been a pleasure to work with.”


Josh Rayburn, California Closets