Vertical Panel Saws

Increase productivity, efficiency, and most importantly floor space with Hendrick’s vertical beam and panel saws. Our vertical beam and panel saws for sale feature full automation for superior accuracy and rapid material handling. With the press of a button, our HP-3 machines independently handle stacked panels, reducing man hours and production effort without sacrificing control. Our vertical beam saws feature full-length pneumatic pressure beams that hold the panels in place during the completely automatic cutting cycle. We’re proud to say that the HP3 Series is the first and only fully computerized vertical beam saw available on the market.

Each of our vertical beam saws for sale feature a fully encased saw blade to increase safety. Additionally, these versatile machines allow you to switch from a vertical crosscut to a horizontal rip cut with ease. Whether you’re handling aluminum composite, wood, plastics, or melamine, you can rest assured that our powerful machines are getting the job done right.


PRO-V Series Vertical Beam Saw

SPN1 Vertical Beam Saw

SPN2 Computerized Vertical Beam Saw

Beam Saw