Take your production line to new heights with the only fully-computerized vertical beam saw available. This high-end saw can handle just about any material, using automated cycles that cut man-hours, too. Start it with the push of a button, and maintain tight control over production standards with a real time adjustable speed dial and a machine controller that supports both incremental and absolute programming. Want even more customization? The onboard computer’s large storage capacity can download third-party optimization software, and you can adjust all machine parameters so your exact needs can be met with precision.

As a vertical saw, the SPN2 saves floor space while maintaining accuracy with a unique full-length pneumatic pressure beam to clamp stacked panels across the whole length of the kerf. Once the material is secured, the saw blade emerges to cut, then retracts behind the table for the return stroke as the pressure beam releases. Then the machine automatically indexes your material for the next cut. The fully-encased saw blade keeps operators safe in all three of its cut modes: top-to-bottom, scoring, and reciprocating.

With the SPN2 Vertical Beam Saw, you can enter the next generation of production automation with confidence.


Introducing Programmable 

Speed up processes with the SINUC3000 computerized controller, which is programmable for absolute or incremental cutting. The hardware has storage capacity for third party optimization programs, and gives detailed machine diagnostics so you can customize your cuts for your exact needs.

beam saw

AC closed loop servo activated THK precision ball screw drive with THK LM guide ways ensure exact automated positioning of your material between cuts.

beam saw

Maintain your material square and make loading and unloading easier with precision machined heavy-duty squaring fences.

beam saw

Save positioning time and maintain a straight line cut accuracy of +/- 0.005″ over the entire length of your materials with a heavy-duty precision machined H-Beam.

beam saw



  • beam saw


    Powerful 7.5HP, optional 9HP

  • Beam Saw

    Saw Blade Hood

    Easy access blade change

  • verical beam saw

    Dust Evacuation

    Keep your workspace clear with dust evacuation located at both the saw blade hood and at the end of pneumatic material pressure beam.

  • beam saw

    Unique Full-Length Pneumatic Pressure Beam

    Keep your operation secure by clamping material down across the entire kerf line. Improve operator safety with a fully encased saw blade.



  • 5′, 8′ & 10′
  • 5′, 8′ & 10′
  • 2.5″ – Optional 4″

    • 10-60 fpm Variable by AC Inverter
  • 7.5 HP – Optional 9 HP
  • 4200 rpm (60 Hz)
  • 1.5 HP

    • 14″ Diameter x 1″ Bore
  • Adjustable phenolic saw kerf strips and solid phenolic table tops throughout
  • Normal, Reciprocating and Scoring
  • We chose the Hendrick SPN2 ultimately due to the safety it provides to our employees. Our employees safety is our number one concern at Zodiac Aerospace. Our usage of the shop table saw has decreased over 95%, this is an amazing feat. I would strongly encourage any high or low rate production facility to take the liability & risk of cut hazards out of your manufacturing environment. This is what the Hendrick SPN2 Panel Saw has accomplished for our facility.
    Zodiac Aerospace