Save Floor Space and Production Time

Save valuable floor space without sacrificing any function. The SPN1 stands tall when it comes to precision, using a unique full-length pneumatic pressure beam to clamp stacked panels. The fully-encased saw blade enhances dust collection and safety while providing superior cut quality in all three of its cut modes: top-to-bottom, scoring, and reciprocating.

Reduce man-hours while maintaining control – the SPN1’s fully automatic cutting cycle starts with the press of a button and has a speed dial that can be adjusted on the fly. First, the pressure beam clamps the material over the entire kerf. Next, the saw blade protrudes from behind the table to cut the material. Finally, the blade retracts below the table for the return stroke as the pressure beam releases so you can position material for the next cut.

The SPN1 Vertical Beam Saw cuts down positioning time, operation effort, and footprint with ease.


Experience Upright Automated Precision

Speed up your operation with positioning presets for material part sizes. Use three measuring bars and a total of five manual flip stops so you can measure once and cut all day long.

Beam Saw

Maintain your material square and make loading and unloading easier with precision machined heavy-duty squaring fences.

Beam Saw

Take your production to the next level with automated programmable cutting systems. These optional upgrades are available from third parties with large download and storage capacity so you can set all the programs you need to increase speed and efficiency.

Vertical Beam Saw

Reduce positioning and oversight time with a heavy-duty precision machined H-Beam. This ensures a straight line cut accuracy of +/- 0.005″ over the entire length of your materials. Just place it and let it do the work.

Verical Beam Saw



  • beam saw

    Three Cutting Modes

    Get more function in your vertical saw. Toggle between modes with the flip of a switch: normal top-to-bottom cut, scoring (including scoring and full cut off), and reciprocating cut modes.

  • Unique Full-Length Pneumatic Pressure Beam

    Firmly clamp down on material across the full kerf to hold it in place. With the saw blade fully encased, this also enhances safety.

  • verical beam saw

    Dual Dust Evacuation

    Keep your workspace clear with dust evacuation located at both the saw blade hood and at the end of pneumatic material pressure beam.



  • 5′, 8′ & 10′
  • 5′, 8′ & 10′
  • 2.5″ – Optional 4″

    • 4200 rpm (60 Hz)
  • 1.5 HP
  • 14″ Diameter x 1″ Bore
  • Normal, Reciprocating and Scoring

    • 10-60 fpm Variable by AC Inverter
  • 7.5 HP – Optional 9 HP
  • Vinyl Clad PVC Ply-Board Optional Solid Phenolic Table Tops Available