Heavy Duty. Flexible Loading. Automatic Cutting

The TC-X Series Cross-Cut Beam Saw is the machine you need for cutting your strip line to size. Free up your other saws for dedicated tasks like rip cutting full sheet material, and transfer strips to the TC-X to automate your production line. Dramatically increase production efficiency with a two saw system that has models which automatically load, grip, cut, and off-load your materials for you. Fully computerized models are available to ensure precision across the board, and it offers enough flexibility to allow side, front, and rear loading of materials. Choose from the TC-X40 with 40” cut width or the TC-X60 with 60” cut width. Need just-in-time production and want to free up machines and man-hours? The TC-X Series is up to the task.


4” Depth of Cut

Standard Widths of Cut: 40”& 60”

20 HP Motor

Variable Saw Carriage Speed

Independent Scoring System

Dual Automatic Side Alligners

Pneumatic Material Grippers

Fully Automatic Cut Width with Easy-To-Use Controller

High Speed Rack & Pinion Pusher Drive

Solid Surface Allows for Cutting of Small Parts

Spray Mist Blade Coolant

PC Controller

Adjustable Pneumatic Pop Up Material Indexing Stops

Custom In-Feed / Out-Feed Table Sizes

Fully Computerized Material Indexing with Large Program Storage Capability

Download Capability from Third Party Optimization Software Programs

Automated Front and Side Material Stack Packing

Various Depth of Cut and Blade Motor HP Depending Upon Application

Less Work, Smoother Production 

Manage your programmable computerized material indexing with an operator-friendly controller – it’s on a swivel so you can conveniently operate it from either side.

Cross Cut Saw

Hold your material securely while it’s being indexed between cuts with pneumatic material grippers.

Cross Cut Saw

Give your material chip-free cutting with a separate scoring saw blade.

Cross Cut Saw

Ensure high-quality square cuts with an automatic side aligner that holds material against the squaring fence.

Cross Cut Saw


  • Material Positioning

    Material Positioning

    Ease of material handling with pneumatic grippers for loading.

  • Exactness


    Rack & pinion linear way for repeatable precision

  • Fully Customizable

    Fully Customizable

    The Cross-X series can be built to meet your application requirements, as they are built to order.

  • Power


    Big HP packaged in a small footprint



  • 40”& 60”
  • 4”
  • 20 HP